Blogging while Rome burns!

I’m not impressed with the content of my blog and neither is anyone else. It’s hardly surprising really. Here lies the introspective blather of middle-aged tedium and outside…in the real world, people are dying, or struggling to live.

A cyclone in Bangladesh makes millions homeless. In Russia, neo-Nazism is on the rise preaching hate and people are attacked because of the colour of their skin. In Pakistan, a military dictator is brutally suppressing democracy; a ruler once courted and supported by the USA and the UK. Sounds like a very similar story to Iraq doesn’t it? People in Burma aren’t free to speak their minds. Africa? Mugabe’s disastocracy? The AIDs epidemic. Massive deforestation worldwide. Child trafficking and slavery. The continual rise of world population and the depletion of world resources.

Should I be blogging about these things? Surely there can’t be too many people screaming from the rooftops at the world. Stop, stop! We are heading for a cliff on a precipice in a burning car with a boot full of dynamite.

All credit to Neilmac and others like him who rage against the system. For me, it’s just too depressing. Providing for my family is the #1 priority and of course that’s just the problem. So many of us have our noses to the grindstone that we can’t collectively look up and poor water in the boot and yank on the steering wheel whilst easing up on the accelerator.

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