Whoa – careful with that mouse Eugene!

I’m so used to this internet shopping that I’ve become blaze. I’ve spent quite a long time recently tracking down the right camera to get D for Christmas, so when I finally decided and picked a well known on-line retailer: click-click…click, type-type-type, click, [Yes!], click, swoop-left to confirm…and cli..WHAT?!?! “Delivery after Christmas!”

Well it turns out that you get so many options that it’s just easy to choose one of the other ’embedded’ merchants on this site, so although what I wanted was in-stock with ‘Nile’, it was a three week turnaround from retailer ‘Acme’ selling via the ‘Nile’!

[Mouse creeps towards Cancel button…click.]

On the piss-o-meter front (see previous post), I didn’t do too badly! The piss-o-meter is an inverted white cone, set at urinal height. At the bottom there’s a spinning disc which somehow measures the flow of your micturation. Curious. No serious problems of constriction then. The main problem, as I explained to the nurse, is that I have to get up in the night, once and often twice. This is a REAL nuisance because I have trouble going back to sleep if I wake after 4am. Next appointment is with the consultant on the 19th.

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