28 days detention is enough!

I sent this e-mail to the http://pm.gov.uk site just now.

Dear Mr Brown,

As you attempt to stand away from the shadow of your predecessor, consider this:

There are only two types in the pantheon of Great Men. Those who campaign tirelessly for freedom fall squarely in the ‘good’. There are none that I am aware of who are remembered fondly for taking freedoms away. In this context, your continuing endorsement of the bill to extend the time that police can hold without charge is inadviseable.

I love my country dearly, but I despise the short-term views of those we elect to govern us. Your party’s policies that are turning our nation into the very type of police state we claim to campaign against. There can be no justification to detain someone beyond twenty-eight days. Non whatsoever. I do not like the continuous erosion of our liberty which Tony Blair started and you seem set to cement. I have voted for Labour in the past, but you can be absolutely certain that I shall not do so again until your party sees reason.

Yours sincerely,
[Sleeper’s Name]

And if you read this, PLEASE visit the website No. 10 Petitions and sign up to some of the petitions there, maybe even the one about treating abuse of ginger-haired-persons as a hate crime. It’s certainly an amusing petition.

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