Carrying deadweight at work

“Crivens!” Time for a good moan!

As my colleague Tom.H will readily testify, I am a forgiving person and, by his standards, slow to judge people. So, if after 7 months at the current client-site, I’ve finally decided, unequivocally that KMcC is utter baggage and a waste of good carbon, you can be fairly certain that he’s just that.

Now I know that work is sometimes boring and that it’s good, even in the best jobs, to sneak off onto the internet sometimes to check that frock on eBay that you’ve got your eye on, or the DVD player with the blue LED display, but this guy is NEVER-EVER doing any productive work. Fine, but then he has a giant hissy-fit if anyone steps into his area and (God-forbid) actually DOES something!

Feckin’ waste of good carbon! If you’re going to work, do something useful and productive while you’re there, or at least don’t object when other people around you try to do just that. Sheeesh!

* SIGH * It IS good to let steam off now and again.

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