Man Flu!

Grrr! I’ve got ‘Man Flu’. Runny nose and general woolly-headedness (more than baseline).

D sent me a text message on Friday and asked for permission to buy a skirt she’d seen last week, now reduced in price. I’m sure I’d already agreed, but this is D all over. Thank **** D isn’t a credit-card wife! But honestly, she needs to get a little more bold buying stuff for herself.

The office Christmas party was good. JJ, PR and I got to Covent Garden early and had a drink and a moan about people we work with before finding Browns Restaurant. I went and collected D from Victoria station at 7pm and she looked fab in the new skirt and shoes. We both enjoyed ourselves. One ongoing wheeze is that our glorious leader is trying to offload some Spice Girls tickets he claims he did not buy for himself. You can imagine the teasing… Food good, company good and at our table at least, we managed to avoid too much ‘shop’ talk. Great night be we had to leave just after 10pm to get the last train home.

Yesterday, Christmas shopping and then dinner with the outlaws who had been looking after the kids. Today the little ones are putting up decorations in their rooms. I may curl up on chair with a Lemsip. Bah!

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