Lesbian couple with baby on the way

Here’s a good one. While on a windsurfing holiday in El-Yaque, Margarita, nearly 2 years ago, I met a lesbian couple, Cate & M. See Diary of a travelling companion (Part 3). They were very sweet and my friends and I got on well with them. Back in this country, we never really heard from them again. Well, in a last ditch communication, I emailed a Christmas greeting to Cate and she replied. So yesterday we met up in CW, London and had lunch.

Cate is 37 weeks pregnant. She told me that she and M went to ante-natal classes where the group leader had to devise an appropriate phrase to mean the person accompanying the pregnant mum-to-be who might be the father but might also be the same sex lover! Apparently, the correct phrase is “non-pregnant partner”!

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