Gold teeth and a curse for this town…

Once again, I’ve lost the blug…that is the bug to blog. A veil of grey ordinariness seeps across the landscape of my life and so I fear that there is little to set your pulses racing. Happily for me, I am quite content with my lot. Things – as they say – could be a great deal worse. In lieu of exciting news from Sleepertown, here then are three media-bites for you:

A book to provoke fierce debate : “Love Life”, by Ray Klunn. A true story about a man who screwed around while his wife died of cancer.

A book I found about magic mushrooms : “Shrooms” by Andy Letcher whom I went to school with! A road protester, an expert on neo-shamanism and a really, really nice guy.

An entertaining film : “Transformers”, a Christmas pressie. Not much I can say except, “Pop your brain out and enjoy!” Well shot, great effects, a simple plot. Best thing in it is Shia LaBeouf…well, actually Megan Fox is damn hot!

Happy 2008 everyone! Be good to one-another!

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