Workplace minority groups make a difference to the bottom line!

I met with the MD today over coffee. I wanted to explore his reasons for shutting the door on any company-recognised GLT network (see for background).

“But look at the maths,” I said. “Surely there’s an incentive to give minority groups confidence that they are accepted. That can hardly be counter-productive?”

I didn’t really get anywhere. “Work is for work stuff, anything else just isn’t relevant,” was the reply, in summary. It’s not really true is it. The world is more entangled than that and shades of grey, not black and white.

It was an good chat. MiB is a good sort. I’m not a trouble-maker and running a company is hard enough without distractions like this, so I let it go. The truth is, there can’t be many people in the company who don’t know about my flavour of minority group, so hopefully, if there is anyone gay, lesbian or TG in the company, they should draw some strength from my semi-public stand.

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