A hard rain’s a gonna fall!

It couldn’t really get much worse could it?

1) I’ve decided I like Port
2) I’ve got slippers
3) I’m seriously considering adopting my father in law’s trouser press to hang my suit on when I get home from work
4) Gardening increasingly seems like a good way to spend a weekend
5) Everything on telly tonight is rubbish

See what I mean? It’s beyond middle-aged really!

Youngest daughter’s sixth birthday party tomorrow. Roller-blade disco! Wooo! Bless her cotton sox. Sigh! They’re all growing up so I have to make the most of them before they start saying things like “I hate you!” or “Talk to the hand!” and mean it.

I’m reading a very old copy of Jules Verne, “20,000 leagues under the sea” to R. The language is really arcane from the turn of the last century and it REALLY hard to read without stumbling over the stuffy turn of phrase!

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