Swedish prostitution laws prove I’m a thicky!

From the BBC website, “According to Sweden’s Sex Purchase Law – the Sexkopslagen – it is a crime to pay for sex, though selling sex remains legal.”

Er…eh? Sorry, I must be a bit thick, but why make one illegal and keep the other legal? Are the Swedish the new Irish? I’ve wracked my brains, but I just don’t see why this makes sense. For someone to sell sex, someone has to buy sex, no? So if one side of the equation is legal and the other is illegal… [Picture thoughtful pose with mushroom cloud hanging above the ruins of my brain].

I suppose it’s been dreamed up by FAR cleverer people than me, who with a wink and a nudge, confidently predict that the whole thing is really carefully thought out and smugly raise their eyebrows as if to say “We’d hardly expect you to understand. Tsk!”

I’ve never used the services of a prostitute for several reasons: 1) I’d be embarrassed to try and locate a vendor, 2) I think that a good deal of the joy of sex with a partner is derived from the knowledge that they are hot for you and 3) I’m too cheap to want to pay. In spite of this, as men really do – for the most part – need sex, I think it seems sensible for them to be able to procure it if there are those willing to sell. If, by clamping down on the selling, or the buying, the idea is to stamp out the other crimes that seem to feed off this business like drugs and trafficking of girls/boys/etc, then it’s a very feeble idea.

Anyone got any better ideas or is this really the only solution?

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