On being a single dad for a weekend

D doesn’t get back from her ‘girls’s weekend away’ until tomorrow evening. It’s the ninth year in a row they’ve gone. Not wanting to brag, but I’ve become an old hand now. Keeping the household running while Mum’s away is pretty easy. OK, she does leave me a list of things to remember, and the place goes from just looking ransacked (1st day) to looking like a four-way intersection pile-up between a clothing lorry, a Toy’s R Us delivery truck, a muck-spreading tractor and a milk-float carrying (rather inexplicably) a consignment of tri-nitrotoluene.

I have done three loads of washing and hung them out. I have fed the kids and tomorrow they’ll go to school with some edible things in their lunch box. Something of a result I think. It’s very tiring though and there’s almost zero personal time. I have NO idea how single mums manage!

I did manage to watch the film “300” in two installments. My verdict? ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Gladiator’. Too much art and too little humanity. Style over substance. Ultimately missable. 2 out of 5.

Sometime soon, I hope I will get to go on one of my ‘girly’ nights out. There seems to be little action going on in that direction, or at least not much that I get invited to. Still, skiing in three weeks, and life doesn’t really get any better than that.

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