Drugs! Who needs them?

I knew this would happen! I haven’t been out as my female alter-ego Penny since November and am beginning to get the need. Tonight I got an invitation from Ashley who has been a good friend to me now for three and a half years. She’s arranging a night out; great! 23rd Feb…damn, I can’t make it. I can’t really complain though as it’s half term and I’m taking the children skiing for the second time in their lives, and that rates way above a night out en-femme. I’ll just have to find another time to do that.

“There is more to life!” That’s the theme to this blog, or is supposed to be. We are born, we live but for a short blip in the vastness of time and space and then we’re worm food. Carpe diem and all that. So now I sense that a new experience is beckoning to me, one that several of my contemporaries at school tried over twenty years ago. I’m that far behind them! I’m seriously contemplating sampling magic mushrooms. I have not finished Andy Letcher’s book, but already I am bewitched, enchanted and captivated. In order to follow this through, I’ll have to overcome a number of obstacles. First, I’ll have to obtain some psilocybin mushrooms, secondly, I’ll have to find some personal time to try them out, away from wife and kids and thirdly, I’ll have to overcome my own natural disinclation to take drugs. This last obstacle may yet defeat me. You see, there are thousands of ways to get a buzz in life and the truth is, most of them do not require pharmacological assistance.

Some of the most potent and best suited drugs are manufactured by our own bodies; adrenalin, endorphins etc. which can be provoked by all kinds of things. I won’t elaborate here as there are literally thousands of scholarly articles all over the internet about how to get an upper or downer without popping a pill. I’m not addicted to sport, but exercise really does make me feel better, windsurfing and skiing give me a kind of mediative high. I’ve done a bungy jump which was exhilarating. Sex is good. Even something as simple as swimming in the sea is a buzz; something to do with the dark unknown beneath you and especially in Britain, the shocking cold of the water which probably forces your body to release endorphins. I’ve never done a parchute jump but you never know, there’s plenty of time to change my mind. Then of course there’s going out dressed as a woman. Huge buzz!

So will I try mushrooms? I’ll be sure to let you know if I do, but in the meantime, I’m off to the medicine cabinet to get some drugs for my cold which is steadily getting worse.

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