Is platonic possible?

Do men need a girlfriend, as in the platonic variety? Is it even possible? According to the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ principle it is not. It’s just that I feel as though there’s a teeny hole in my soul now that Miss T has left the company. True, she’s only just down the road, but as she is now fully ‘manned-up’, and he still works at the same company as me, there will have to be a certain degree of circumspection. Sadly, I think it’s inevitable that we will meet and chat less.

I had lunch today with Rene who I rather hope may fill that space. She is a sassy, self-confident South African with red hair who pretty much speaks her mind. I do not truly know what she thinks of me, but she’s setting up another lunch for a couple of weeks from now, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

My wife D is a star who knows almost everything about me and would know the rest if she asked, but sometimes it’s nice to have an impartial person to chat with.

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