Work hard, play hard

The weekend of the 5th/6th of September proved to be a good one! Two significant events contributed to the overall success. First, there was the work on Saturday to install shiny new technology at work and second, I got to spend the evening in women’s clothing.

The stress leading up to Saturday’s go-live (6 months worth) proved to have been well directed as the last two weeks have born out the quality of the work. Credit, as usual, goes to a star team who worked incerdibly hard. There have been a number of support issues in the last two weeks, but small beans when the scale of change that has been wrought is taken into account.

I managed to get away from the office reasonably early so I could prepare for my second outing as Penny this year, the first being to the Magic Theatre way back in in March! September’s event was a river boat cruise on the Thames, billed as being the ‘last event of the Summer’. Any resident of the UK this year will realise what a joke the word ‘summer’ has proved to be. The summer season has turned out to be a monsoon season.

I had been really looking forward to wearing some nice floaty feminine clothes, the centrepiece being a gorgous white floral dress from Monsoon (how droll). It was dark and drizzly by the time Michelle and I made it to Blackfriars Pier, totally inappropriate weather for my outfit. Ah well, it still felt good to wear (apart from the shoes which were a bit too high).

It was great to see Tina and A-M again and especially A-M who has had a rough time what with the operation(s) on her foot. Their good friends Astrid and wife Sandra, Davina and wife Jacqui were there too, all of them such wonderful people that it makes me angry to think I see so little of them.

New encounters this time included Tessa, a very smartly dressed gal from North London who had a kind of 1950’s look about her outfit which worked really well. On the weird (OK, weirder) front, ‘Emperess Martin’ (? I think that’s what she said), from the Gothic side of the street. On the celebrity side, Leigh and Sue were there. Leigh was in a television programme not so long ago as our UK contestant in a TV/TS glamour contest in Thailand. Sue is her long-suffering other half.

Michelle and I had rather a long walk through the streets of London at 1am, trying to find a taxi, but we eventually rejoined Tina and the others in the hotel for a nightcap before crashing out. All-in-all, a good weekend.

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