Dahab – Day 5

The wind has climbed up to over 30 knots today and the lagoon and ‘Speedy’ are the lumpiest we’ve seen the so far. Otherphil’s hands are so worn and pitted with holes, he probably won’t be able to windsurf for more than 3 or 4 hours in the remaining two and a half days we have here. This in spite of resting up yesterday.

Yesterday was my birthday, the answer to the life the universe and everything, 42. Otherphil and I went snorkeling at the “Blue Hole” which is quite famous. It was a bit spooky dropping of the top of a reef and looking down into something a bit like “the drop off” in Finding Nemo. Barely visible, divers 25 metres down release streams of bubbles that rise from the darkness like shimmering curtains. Lots of wonderful looking fish. Racoon butterfly fish, royal angelfish, blue stripe wrasse, parrot fish and loads of yellow and black stripped sargeant fish(?). Corals, small clams, and big green cabbage like things.

Otherphil had his new camera in a waterproof plastic bag and took something like 150 photos. Almost every single one is rubbish. I had a disposable from Boots which I emptied in the general direction of the wildlife. We’ll have to wait a week or so to see the doubtless pitiful results.

I sent tons of love down the phone this morning to my wife and three children for allowing me to go. Let’s hope the wind eases off a little so that Otherphil can make the most of the holiday to learn his gybes.


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