Spare a thought…

Once again, California is going up in smoke. It seems hardly credible that there can be anything combustible left there. I can only assume that the states propensity to burn is down to the vigour with which the local inhabitants rebuild their homes with bank notes which they possess in vast quantities thanks to the rest of us idiots flocking to watch the contemptible drivel churned out by Hollywood.

Apparently we also need to spare a thought for footballers and racing drivers who may have to live in abject poverty as they are likely to be hit by the credit crunch and the collapse of the banking sector. As one of my more prosaic colleagues puts it, “My heart pumps purple piss on their behalf!”

Finally, but still on the subject of the financial chaos, I echo the sentiments of many more worthy people who are currently trying to bring some perspective to we spoilt people from the developed nations. Many, many people in the world can not be certain they’ll even get a meal tomorrow, let alone a roof over their heads. We’ve had it too easy for too long and this current upheaval should serve as a warning that our lifestyles are beyond sustainable levels from a global perspective. The balance of power is changing and might of the West is set to wane.

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