Giles Coren – A rant too far

Giles Coren has run out of rant. The thing that makes it so sad is that I’m a big fan! He used to be so good at it. Sure, he’s probably got a a few hundred good Mr Angry articles left in him between now and eventual oblivion, but for the most part he’s all washed up! Why? Well take the article written in the Times on Saturday a week ago… Here it is.

Feet? For pity’s sake! Rant against the government, rail against the weather, grumble about the economy and moan about the lawlessness, but feet? Really? OK, so maybe you’re not a big afficionado or a foot fetishist. I’m not much bothered either way to tell you the truth. Like faces, some people have ugly feet and some are in the possession of more beautiful ones. Almost everyone shows their faces, so why not their feet? Get over it Giles!

Some things about feet are quite remarkable. They are the most complex joint in your body with the most bones, 26 or 28 in each, depending on how you count them. In spite of that, they bear more weight than either knee or hip joints and are less likely to go wrong? Being the furthest part of your body away from your eyes, they probably get less attention and TLC than they deserve. Cut them a little slack Giles.

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