LGBT spokesperson, by stealth

It’s some time since I posted concerning my prediliction for wearing womens’ clothing so it’s high time for an update. Some time ago I asked the company director to allow me to send out an email nominating myself as the company LGBT contact. [original story here] He politely declined and we argued about it further before I let it drop. The big news since then is that one of the employees in our Northern office has come out as TS! She (now) sent an email round the team, excluding the London team. It’s an interesting development that one of my colleagues based there let me in on by forwarding the email in which the announcement was made.

Anyhow, so I am in touch with her and lending my support from afar. So the grapevine is doing what I was not allowed to use the email for. That’ll have to do for now.

From my own perspective, I think the last time I went out as Penny was in May. I cannot cope much longer like this…NEED A FIX, MUST GET OUT SOON! I shall get in touch with my friend Tina tonight and suggest some dates that should work.

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