Communication overload!

I just can’t deal with it all! I’m sure this is lightweight compared to some, but I have (wait… just counting) 5 email addresses, this blog and a Facebook account, not to mention a brace of phone numbers. No, not on Twitter. Every time I get a contact via Facebook, I say “NO! Use one of my regular email addresses to speak to me if you have something worthwhile to say. I haven’t got time for FB as well as everything else.”

Coupled with the comms channel overload, we’re now in the run up to the silly season when I/we have to make contact with loads of (mostly) good folk and I have already run out of weekends between now and Christmas. Great that we (the family) and I have so many good friends and acquaintances but PHEW! I think my liver will pack up unless I work hard to nurse it through these tricky months.

A lot of time in the evenings now is taken up on guitar practice so even less time for mindless chatter. And with that thought…

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