Dinner out, dressed as a woman…perfect!

On Saturday I had one of my rare overnight passes from D. This is when I escape from the family and let my hair down, or rather more accurately, put it on. Tina planned for us to go to Transisters in Brighton, but at the last moment, we discovered it had shut down or moved. So I booked a table for a meal, taking a bit of a punt on an Italian restaurant based on a couple of reviews. “La Fiorentina” on Norfolk Sq. proved to be a joy! Out of politness, I phoned the proprietor Joseph beforehand to check he was OK with men dressed as women. “No problem!”

For once, I arrived at the hotel to dress in plenty of time. This is important as there’s usually a good deal of shaving and makeup to do (mostly in vain). The early start also gave us the advantage of being able to have some drinks in the hotel bar in one outfit before changing for dinner. Hey! If you don’t get out often, you have to make the most of it. Tina and I met G and E in the bar and eased ourselves into the evening with a couple of drinks. Then, after a quick change we caught a taxi to the restaurant. The fake taverna look is surely unnecessary in this day-and-age, but I forgave it because it was a cosy place to be on such a wet and windy night. Our food was really good. We have no complaints, although I would caution impatient folk against going. Good food sometimes takes a while to prepare.

During the meal, we managed to get E onto the topic of rock bands and struck a rich seam. It’s nice to meet someone who’s a subject matter expert but doesn’t come across as a know-it-all, if you know what I mean.

After the meal, the four of us wandered along Western Road looking for somewhere interesting to drop in. Bar Koba did the trick. Fabulous cocktails, lovingly crafted and friendly staff to boot. After Koba, G & E retired and left Tina and I in search of a club or late night bar. Showing our age, we spurned the thunderously noisy ‘Madame Geisha’ and tried to get into ‘The Fishbowl’ instead. I really liked ‘The Fishbowl’, but man did we have a job getting in! The bouncer was adamant that there were places on the “other side” [of the Grand Parade] for people like us. He wasn’t hostile or even unfriendly really, just very, very cold to the idea that we might just be after a drink and a chat. Not really sure what it was he thought trannies do when they get inside a bar, but he clearly wasn’t keen to find out. Tina and I are begining to work more as a team now. We know each other better we scented an argument that we wanted to – and could – and did win.

‘The Fishbowl’ was perfect. A goodly cross-section of folk. Chris, a stocky and rather bemused Cypriot lad wanted to have his photo taken with us. Apparently they don’t get many transvestites in Cyprus. Tina was in cheerful form as usual. She’s great company and such a lovely person to be around. A good listener, advice if asked for and always keen to avoid appearing critical of anything or anybody.

A Southern Comfort nightcap back at our room finished the evening off. I did have to try Tina’s wig on though. See the photo below. She has much better quality ones than mine and I liked this look. I can see I shall have to spend some serious money! It was 4am when we finally turned out the light. The wind was so strong outside it threatened to rip the windows out of our room. I’m sure the snoring was louder, but I don’t know whether it was Tina or me who won that competition! Perhaps Tina will post a comment…

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