Bless me blogosphere…

…it’s been 7 weeks since I posted!

I am busier than a bee, who has just returned home after a busy day gathering nectar to find that all the honey has been stolen and the hive has been trashed, needing a complete rebuild!

Not sure how I can wring any more hours out of life. 5 projects on the go at work, not including the new gig for the ‘firm’ I’m supposed to be helping out with. In my own time, aside from family, there are the guitar lessons and practice (when I can), and now there’s project C9 (hush-hush, can’t say more now)! Phew.

The week before last, I visited Fabuliss in Liphook. Take a look at the web-site. It was nice to see Tina and make a couple of new friends there. Tina and Rachael want me to go in for Miss Fabuliss 2010! I think they need their eyes testing. [chortle]. GOD it would be awesome to win a best looking laydee competition but very, very bad for me. It would really mess with my head. There are about a thousand other reasons why I can’t do it. Cost. I promised D I wouldn’t shave my legs in the summer. If I won, as Tina and Rachael insisted I would, I would be duty bound to turn up more often and I . JUST . DON’T . HAVE . THE . TIME! (Sorry Tina, at least we’re going out for a night out in March).

I’ve had to quit the book-club. I spoke to J since (one of the hosts) and it seems he and the missus are having trouble and are separating. Bad, bad stuff. Hopefully they will work it out and get things back together for the sake of the kids.

Talking of kids, I and the three beans get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to head off skiing. A week in the alps with Otherphil and his family. Fantasic! Harple will even be joining us for a few days as she wants to ski with the nieces and nephew. D is away for the weekend with her sisters. Gone back to see their childhood home and the old stamping ground so she’s OK for now. The house is going to feel a bit empty while we’re away! Good to know she’s got a bunch of friends round next Friday for a girls’ night in.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, although it’s going to hurt like hell when that alarm goes off!

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