Escape the crushing workload to Ronnie Scott’s

I’ve got to resist the pressure to work all hours. Things are just crazy at the moment, to the point you think the only way out is to do loads of hours at home. I did an hour today and I’ll do another hour tomorrow, but that’s it. Finis! Otherwise, I’ll be on a slippery slope to a grim and unenjoyable life.

Things were so grim at work the week before last that on my night out on the 13th, I felt like a drowning man (or woman) coming up for air. I’d love to write it all down, but I honestly don’t want to spend any more time at the computer. Suffice to say that I have some good friends…and the jazz club Ronnie Scott’s made a very good impression on me. The main act, Bobbie Humphrey was wonderful when she picked up the flute, but absolutely terrible when she spoke and she did way too much of that! The best bit of the evening though was the “Michele Drees Band”. This was a fantastic medley of numbers played with a real zest and spontaneity. Hilary Cameron was the star of the show for me. Flute, piano and a wonderful voice! I’ve never been big on jazz, but this lady’s talents might just convert me.

That’s it. Away from these bloody machines!

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