Surfing weekend

There is more to life. My good friend M. has booked a surfing weekend in Newquay and invited me along. Hurray! So on the 7th of May, I’ll be hopping on a morning flight from Gatwick. I’m just going to pause for the howls of protest to die down a bit. Yes, yes, I know my last article was about how the world might be a better place without air travel. I know! But that’ the great thing about journalism; just because you talk the talk, does not mean you have to walk the walk. Anyway…I didn’t promise never to fly again. 😉

It feels a bit strange going surfing when I should be making every attempt to make windsurfing my No 1. hobby. Never mind. It’s getting out and into the wild stuff that’s important – oh, that and the beer afterwards.

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