Custard powder gun

As with most boys, R is fascinated by explosions and chemicals that could be used to create a smallscale extinction level event. So I cooked up this idea of a custard powder gun and we built it with my brother-in-law in Wilton!

Basically, it’s a plastic pipe about an inch and a half in diameter with a large hole drilled in one end where you drop a teaspoon of custard powder. We used a calorgas camping pump of the type used to inflate airbeds but it might work with a powerful hair dryer. The custard powder is ignited by a blow torch flame held close to the end.

It worked, blowing a plume of pale-yellow flame out of the end of the plastic pipe. It wasn’t quite as dangerous as I’d imagined or hoped. I had visions of a Tunguska-style air-burst, flattening trees in a 10km radius!

Maybe we should try some alternate kitchen products in the pipe.

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