Gwithian oblivion : a windsurfing tale

Well, the windsurfing break was not all it could have been. Once again, the UK weather let us down! An easterly wind was not requested or required. There was however one truly excellent day. Saturday, DT and I got out onto the water at Gwithian. Force 6, gusting 8 at times, offshore, but too tempting for me to resist. Two photos…one of me coping,

…the other of me about to get seriously eaten by about 20 tonnes of seawater!

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2 Responses to Gwithian oblivion : a windsurfing tale

  1. TinaCortina says:


    You are just so athletic! And your friend is a great photographer (other Phil?)
    Can I borrow him? My friend always forgets her camera

    Hugs Tina x
    TinaCortina xx
    Tina’s blog

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