Work is great, but no sleep

Damn! Work is great. I’ve got a good project and a great team, but the sting in the tail is that I’m struggling to detach after work. I’ve been awake since 4am this morning and that’s not an ideal start to the weekend. Eventually got bored of just lying in bed, pretending I was on the verge of sleep so I got up and wasted a couple of hours on the PS3. ‘Battlefield’ really annoying. It never remebers my rank promotions so I always start right back at Private and often, I machine-gun at people point-blank range and they turn, all leisurely towards me and !boom!, I’m dead. Grrr. Seems rigged. I’m gonna try something different.

Next week I’m getting my knee fixed up, so that’s some good news. I can’t honestly claim that it’s debilitating, but it’s constantly uncomfortable.

Town fireworks tonight on the sports fields. Harple and husband coming along with big Baz. Otherphil and family coming too, so it’ll be a full house!

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