Goodbye old blog…hello WordPress!

I’ve done it! I’ve migrated my old blog to WordPress. It took a bit of technical wizardy and I’ve had to lose the comments, which is a shame, but it had to be done. The old blog was beset with nasty flashing adverts.

I think there may be a number of errors in the migrated blogs as I haven’t had the time to visually inspect all 338, or whatever it is, but enough of them are right enough, so enough already! 😉

I must now return to my old blog and say farewell to my friends there and point the last post to this place.

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3 Responses to Goodbye old blog…hello WordPress!

  1. Neil E Mac says:

    Just wrote you a tome to your IM at old site pal, but I’ll send it IM here if I can find a way. Shall check out who and what site I have here and be in touch again through it.

    Regardless, you never really resided at that old site to me; you’re still occupy the same reserved place …in my heart.

    But wow, didn’t know one could transfer their entire archive here.

  2. TinaCortina says:

    Hi Phil
    Welcome to WordPress! Even if you have lost your comments, you have done really well to keep all your blogs together. Ignore my irrelevant email; I see you are an action man! Look forward to staying in touch on WP.
    Hugs Tina x

  3. tammielc says:

    Hey you! Thanks for letting me know about your move. I’ll look forward to reading your updates here.

    aka Gane

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