The Second American Civil War

Sorry. I’ve removed this piece and given it a new home.

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1 Response to The Second American Civil War

  1. TinaCortina says:

    Hi Phil

    I prefer the idea of cars driven by air but it will take some time no doubt, more than I have lol.

    Interesting that the Americans went back to religion (once they were broke) or at the least fought a religious war. I’ve long thought that religion is needed is times of dark depression and world calamity (for the most part in the dim and distant past, not the future). That anyone should want to fight in the ‘name’ of religion, now or in the future is beyond me.

    I’m more interested in the now and how we can get more people to be less aggressive, more accepting. Maybe Butler’s Rise will address this!

    Hugs Tina x

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