Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

I’ve got to say I was a little surprised that there weren’t more trannies at the show ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ on Saturday night.  In fact, apart from myself and Tina, I saw no others!  But I get ahead ahead of myself…

It all began around Christmas time when I got a message from AM, saying she wanted to treat her husband and would I like to join the pair of them at the show in London, Priscilla – Queen of the Desert.  Actually, I’ve been very keen to go for a long time now so it only took me about 20 nanoseconds to dash off a response. YES!

Fast forward to last Saturday, 5th of February, and I drop my large rucksack off at the hotel and run round the corner to meet AM and Tina who are in an old working-man’s pub round the corner.  Tina and I are not en-femme at this stage, which is probably for the best with the kind of punters in residence in this pub!  We have a couple of large glasses of wine and head back to the hotel to get changed.  As usual, the transformation isn’t quick, but it fun as this is the first time I’ve been out as Penny for about nine months AND I have new dress to try on.  I suppose it’s an LBD really, all except for a white stripe from shoulder to hip rather like a sash.


The show was fantastic! Tick and Adam were great and Bernadette was superb but the real stars of the show are Priscilla (the bus) and, of course, the numbers with their flamboyant costumes!  I was really pleased to discover that the now rather over-used Abba scores from the film had been replaced. The Kylie medley especially made me laugh and when Tick sung ‘Always on my mind’ to his son Benjamin, my eyes brimmed, threatening my mascara quite badly.  The song that really stuck in my head though was Charlene’s ‘(I’ve been to paradise) but I’ve never been to me’.

After the show we had a late meal in a nearby bistro, poor AM suffering rather in her corset, before finishing up – as usual – in the hotel bar.  Here we were pestered by an exceedingly drunk Paul from Belfast.  Paul seemed to be suffering from St. Vitus’ Dance and became tedious rather quickly as drunk people often do (to the not so drunk).  Eventually we fell in with a Dutch theatrical production company who had just finished a week long run at The Barbican.  Roland (actor), David (makeup), Sara (wardrobe) and the rest were really lovely and a joy to talk to until the small hours and the end of a wonderful day.

Many thanks to my very wonderful friends AM and Tina for inviting me to join them on their evening out.


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1 Response to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

  1. TinaCortina says:

    Ahhhhhh It was great to be there. Great pressie, good company Hugs Tina x

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