Build more nuclear power stations

The tsunami induced destruction of the Fukashima reactors is worrying in lots of ways that hundreds of media channels are harping on about at the moment. Pick your source and reduce your own lifespan by fretting about it all for months on end. Not me.

The planet is dying because of the filth we churn out into it. We need power and fossil fuels aren’t the answer and renewables only make a tiny dent in what we need. Nuclear, bring it on. Think it’s dangerous? Think again. There’s plenty of evidence to show that other sources are far more dangerous, even ignoring the question of global warming. Dams are an ecological disaster wherever they are installed and – in fact – will probably kill far more people than nuclear power stations are ever likely to. In 1975, a series of dams failed in China killing over 170,000 people Banqiao Dam.

We only have to put up with fission (how nuclear power works at the moment) until fusion reactors are made to work, perhaps as little as 20 years from now, and then there will be far, far more power than we need with little or no radioactive byproducts. See ITER.

So, as terrible as it must be for the people in Japan and especially the vicinity of the striken reactors, we need more nuclear power stations. Perhaps though, we should not install them in the most geologically active fault line in the world and right on the coast that’s at a high risk of tsunamis.

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  1. TinaCortina says:

    Hi P
    Interesting. Obviously there are a lot of over the top reactions, most notable amongst them Angela Merkels decision to close what was it 7 nuclear reactors, immediately, ie within days?. I think also it was Paddy Ashdown I saw on TV who has changed his mind on nuclear power in this country as a result of Japan. I note New Zealand, which of course has also had a multitude of quakes, is non nuclear and it would be understandable if Japan went in that direction. Have dams failed and killed in the States, or elsewhere in the west? I always thought Hydro was good, clean stuff? I’m not convinced one way or the other…………. but Iran seems to be going nuclear………………. Hugs TC x

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