Day 3 – Fuerteventura

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to me that I’ve come to one of the world’s premier windsurfing venues and there’s no wind!

OK, day 1 was good, nudging F5 with chop to add to the fun, but then day 2 dropped to F3 with a period in the afternoon when, in the right location and a 7m sail, you could hit a fast plane and even throw in some gybes, but today…nothing.  If it were just one day, that would be fine.  I’m not as young ad I used to be so a day of rest ain’t all bad.   Otherphil and I played tennis and swam while Dicky-T hooked up to work and emailed all day!

So boo-hoo, one day lost.  Except it looks utterly rubbish for the next two days as well!  Forecast suggests that there might be decent wind for Friday, our last full day here!

I guess it could be worse.  A friend of mine went all the way to Hawaii and was becalmed for half his stay!   Now that’s cruel.

I need to enter a Zen-like state of calm.  How much better is it here than at work?  Now that’s the thing to bear in mind.

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2 Responses to Day 3 – Fuerteventura

  1. Harple says:

    MUCH better, is the answer, wind or no wind. Consider the lack of people-crushing-into-trains, and reduced stress from electronic-nagging-thingys…..bliss. Soak up the sun and surf man and chill……! x

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