Not the holiday I had in mind

Otherphil and Richard were very polite. We all paid a lot of money to go to Fuerteventura and there was no wind. Well, OK, there was one decent day and a couple of hours on the second day. The professional photograher took this shot.

Windsurfing Jump

Posing for the camera

On the fourth day (second without any wind), Dominik and Ben suggested a taxi to a well known surfing spot at Pared on the other side of the island . Here is a beach with a fierce rip out from between two sandbars but what a great surfing beach! I’m pretty hopeless at plain ol’ surfing, but this day was great as we watched and learned from the locals and more experinced surfers who were using the rip to get to the outside. So much easier but you have to get over the scary sensation of being swept out to sea until the rip subsides. Here we are posing on the beach.

Three surf dudes on the beach

Dominic Phil Ben

In the other windless days, Otherphil and Richard and I made use of the pool and the tennis court and soaked up a bit of sun. A terrible, terrible windsurfing holiday, but a fantastic break from work. I hope the guys have forgiven me!

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