Getting the work-life balance right

I thought I’d look into improving the quality of my life and cut back a bit on the work load. I could drop some responsibilities at work and take a small pay cut.

  • The view from the boss at work is (probably), take more pay, work harder and shut up.
  • The view from the boss at home is, take more pay, work harder and shut up.

Great! I appear to be in the minority.

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3 Responses to Getting the work-life balance right

  1. TinaCortina says:

    Hi P.
    OMG. You are clearly being encouraged to be a workaholic, but dare I say it from somewhat biased parties. Take the pay cut and send the wife out to work, lol! Alternatively, give up work, sell the house and become a house husband for a couple of years while you get your breath back. Seriously, you have good thoughts there, don’t give up on them.
    Hugs T xx

    • dimorphism says:

      Methinks I should start buying lottery tickets! This material life is a harsh mistress. The trouble is that I don’t think I’m cut out for a life as a monk either. Hmm…

  2. Harple says:

    Oh, the inevitable pull of the rat race….that twisted, beguiling black hole of human endeavour which fools us into thinking that the green grass will one day be ours and that all our worldly dreams are achievable….. just as soon as you’ve met that next deadline. Actually, come to think of it, is it a black hole, or dark matter?!. I don’t know the answer to the predicament you’re in but just bear in mind that no-one on their deathbed said “dang, I wish I’d spent more time in the office!”. Tony Blair was in the minority when he thought going into Iraq was a good idea. That never stopped him. Mind you, he didn’t have a boss at home like yours! ;-)) x

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