Chapter 8 – Another Struggle

My sibling Harple is reading my book now and offering critique. This is great news because after staring for hours and hours at something you’ve created, there comes a point where it’s hard to see it objectively. I need an external observer who has never seen it before.

To my knowledge, only two other people have read any of it. Ben read the first five chapters of the first draft and to him, I apologise profusely. It was, quite honestly, dreadful back then. Poor plot, weak characterisation and naive writing style. Byron – I think – read the whole of the book at draft one level. As I recall his feedback was “I liked the battle scenes.’

Chapters 1 through 7 are done and the overhaul of chapter 8 is underway. Unfortunately this is another total rewrite. The content contributed nothing to the plot and failed to expand on the characters. The target of getting to the end of chapter 10 by the end of 2011 looks challenging right now, especially as I have distracted myself by trying to write a synopsis. Writing a synopsis is harder than it sounds. Apparently a synopsis has to provide a thorough review of the plot, describe the characters and their motivations all within two or three pages of A4! Hmmm…

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