What annoying men are like for the girls

Since coming out as a cross-dresser nearly eight years ago, I’ve had nothing but good experiences on my nights out, so I guess a little trouble was overdue! 😦

Last Saturday saw my first outing as Penny since the trip to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in London. My good friend Tina gave me a lift as it was (mostly) en route. This event had been organised by others that Tina knew and I was lucky enough to get to tag along. I’d met Gabby and Rachael before, but the group eventually swelled to include about ten lovely people I’d never met before. About half of us met and got dressed early enough to go into The Lanes and have an late afternoon meal of Tapas at the Casa Don Carlos which was great! Portion sizes were a lot more generous than your average tapas and I was famished, so it suited me.

After the meal, Tina, Gabby and I did a spot of shopping just before everything shut for the day. This in itself was quite an event for me because I’ve never been shopping before as Penny. I’ve always been a night time tranny. Well, OK, it was dark outside, but traipsing about well lit shops was a first for me, sticking my Adam’s apple out in front. Still, this is the UK, and I just love it because nobody gives you any bother (ahem).

After the shopping, we went back to the hotel and spruced ourselves up, changing into our best party clothes and adding a little sparkle before heading out to the bars and clubs. ‘3 and 10’ was great. Cosy atmosphere and not ‘scene’ as far as I could make out. When that got jam packed we went to Bar Revenge which used to be the R Bar. Room for us all to sit and that’s where the rest of the crew joined us. A mix of real girls, men dressed as men and men dressed as girls. Straight Kevin was lovely. Gay Ben was a big guy with a big heart. Rachael was the same exuberant person I met last time. Sophie, Dana, K and Tracy added the oestrogen to the evening and they were all friendly and fun to be with. There was Tiffany, Nina and my mind goes a bit hazy after that!

Now it was while we were at Bar Revenge when the incident happened. A short, smiling Persian lad introduced himself and started out friendly. He was drunk and didn’t speak good English but being polite, two or three of us included him in our conversations for a while. It became clear soon enough that he was a pest. I don’t know what he said to the others, but Gabby wanted my help to get rid of him. I steered him away from Gabby and very soon, he invited me back to his place. “No thanks, I’ve got a wife and three kids.” He refused to believe me and that’s when he gropped my crotch! I wished someone had been filming me. I would love to see the expression on my face when he did that. Shock, followed by indignation with an overlay of politeness. I grabbed his hand and pushed him away. He must have been distracted for a minute because I decided to use the loo. I needed to go, and I decided it was an opportunity to collect my thoughts and decide how to deal with this monster. I went to the ladies, found myself a cubicle and rolled down my tights to pee. The next thing I know, thie little twerp is knocking at the cubicle door! Luckily, some plucky lady comes in and throws him out. When I emerge a few minutes later, the little Persian pratt has gone.

Now I don’t suppose this happens to women all the time when they go for a night out, but I’ll bet this kind of unwanted attention happens often enough that womenfolk tend to think of all us men as perverts. Thankfully we’re not. I, for example, am utterly normal and straight as a die! Well OK, perhaps I’m not, but I’ve never been rude like that and groped anyone. I sort of understand that people with low emotional intelligence might think that, if I wear a dress, the signal I am sending out is ‘I want to be f**ked’. What I don’t understand is how they think that being offensive and brutish is the way to get what they want.

Anyway, that was that. The evening ended well with some dancing in Revenge which was really great! I just wish my feet had lasted longer.

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3 Responses to What annoying men are like for the girls

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  2. TinaCortina says:

    Hi Penny

    Now you didn’t tell me anything about this and I didn’t see it, so it was a bit of a shock. I suspect I was sitting down trying to get some life back into my feet. More fool me but I’m wearing the same shoes tonight, but I should be sitting down most of the time! Anyway, back to the theme, but yes, I guess in places ‘like’ Revenge, at times like that Women do get unwanted attention from Drunken slobs. Most know how to cut them dead without causing too much offence, but I guess that is a skill we still need to learn.

    Have a great Chrtmas and Health & Happiness in 2012. Hope to see you soon.

    Hugs Tina x

    • dimorphism says:

      Hi Tina and Happy New Year! Sorry, no, I didn’t tell you about the groper! Truth is, I think we were talking about more interesting things later that night. I’d think I’d forgotten all about the incident. See you soon, I hope. P x

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