Troll Hunter – Film Review

I first saw the posters for Troll Hunter last year but by the time I got around to trying to see it at the cinema, it was no longer showing anywhere within a hundred miles. It looked promising. The world is ready for a new best-loved monster movie. Jurassic Park is decades old now! Godzilla has been and gone. Everyone is fed up with zombie movies. (What’s that? They aren’t? OK. I was never keen on them anyway.) Cloverfield was edgy but even that was a while ago.

Troll Hunter is in the style of Cloverfield or perhaps more accurately the Blair Witch Project. Norway. Amateur sleuth reporters go in search of mystery poacher. Bears have been turning up dead. Unexplained destruction. Rough camera work. Overall, a great idea. There is a plot, but of course, when you’re doing one of those spoof roughumentaries, it’s very hard to unwind the plot neatly for the viewer without making it look staged, destroying the rough-cut feel. The plot doesn’t hold together fantastically well anyway, assuming you’re the kind of cinema-goer who can suspend disbelief for a while. I can, but even so, there were enough discrepancies to cause me some minor niggles.

Pop your brain out and enjoy a bit of a romp through crinkly Scandanavian scenery. Don’t watch it in the English language option. The Norwegian ‘poacher’ has an annoying Mexican twang. I kept imagining Cheech (Richard Marin) behind the mike. Stick to the Norwegian with subtitles. Score 3/5. Mostly for the scenery.

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