Living in interesting times

It cannot be said that my life is boring or uneventful, though I suppose my life would seem excessively dull to a polar explorer. Ranulf Fiennnes or Robin Knox-Johnston would surely be driven mad with boredom if they had to endure my life! 🙂

Work came as close to disaster last week and senior people began to get all jumpy. Happily I’ve got a good team and R somehow managed to prevent the world from coming to an end in a fiery, raging cataclysm!

Last week also saw me submit my novel (first three chapters) to the Brit Writers Awards which has a £10,000 prize! Very, very unlikely to get anywhere, but then you have to play to have a chance don’t you. In the meantime, I’ve also submitted to a fifth agency. It seems like months ago I submitted to the first batch, but I checked my records and in fact, that was exactly one month ago! Progress on draft three is good and with a following wind, I may finish by the end of May. I’m already forging ahead through chapter 17 and after this there are only three to go.

My dear woman D has granted permission for me to go to Fuerteventura again this year! Hurray! (Last year was a total disaster because six of the seven days were utterly without wind. See this link for whinge!) Two factors have combined to put her in a generous mood; firstly, we have made good progress on painting and decorating of the extension with both of us putting many hours in. I counted up and I’ve made and put up 16 shelves in the last three weeks. Secondly, I received a payout from the Equitable Life in compensation for the debacle that saw the company crash out of existence about two decades ago. A little over £1000 pounds just flew in through the door. I’d written that whole thing off a long, long time ago so it really was utterly unexpected.

Now the only problem with this trip is that Otherphil has said that he can’t come which is a shame as he’s been my windsurfing buddy for some time, but alarmingly it’s because he has to ‘have tests’ which means something isn’t right with him. I’ve tried to get in touch to check if it really is so bad he will not be able to come. It might be that he just doesn’t want to share a room with me. He complains bitterly that I snore. I wish him well, whatever this mystery illness is.

Happily, my only other windsurfing pal Dicky-T is coming. My woman says it’s my fault that I have so few buddies because I’m persevering in an old man’s sport. To her, I stick my tongue out! :-Q

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