MI6 isn’t Spooks

Gareth Williams was almost certainly a transvestite (get over it). Here are the clues: he had a woman’s wig in his home, he had thousands of pounds of women’s clothes and we have been shown photographs of him in full cycling gear, a good excuse for having shaved legs. I know because I am one too and it’s just bloody obvious. Let’s just acknowledge that and then move on.

Eventually, the media will really catch on to this – maybe some new evidence will emerge – and they will have their week of titillating headlines. The thing is though that whether Mr Williams dressed as a woman in his spare time (get over it) is probably unconnected with his death. It certainly wasn’t a crime of passion. No mess, no evidence of a struggle and only the merest scrap of a hint of DNA evidence. So is there a good conspiracy theory in this? Well I’d like to think that MI6 knew full well that their employee was a cross-dresser (and they got over it).

The alternative, that they knew nothing about the private life of one of their security cleared staff, suggests an appalling level of ignorance for an information gathering organisation. So there’s probably a cover-up, to the extent that MI6 are hushing up what they knew about his off-duty habits. I can’t make up my mind as to whether this is a good thing or not. Kindly helping to spare the blushes of his family (get over it), or trying to prevent the media from getting all vicariously steamed up over apocryphal facts (they’ll get there eventually anyway).

The really worrying thing is that poor Mr Williams seems to have come across a really nasty crowd people or a totally ruthless and unpleasant individual, either in the line of his work or in his private life. Someone or some people need to be apprehended and locked up for a very long time and no one, not even the country’s foremost information gathering organ seems to have any idea of who is responsible. It just goes to show how far from the truth ‘Spooks’ is. Maybe it’s a good thing that we can, after all, have private lives.

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1 Response to MI6 isn’t Spooks

  1. TinaCortina says:

    “On 13 August he went alone to a comedy club in Bethnal Green to watch the transvestite show The Johnny Woo Experience” . Interesting that that they used the term Transvestite for what would normally be termed ‘Drag Show’

    Hope all is well, Hugs Tina x

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