ePublishing Beckons

The excitement of being on the penultimate chapter of the rewrite of my novel is somewhat tempered by the receipt this week of two more rejections from agents taking the total to five (this draft).

You’d think, that with all that hard graft behind me, all I have to do now is bring the main characters together for the final showdown where they fight or work out their differences etc and close it all with a bit of a positive bounce at the end… Sadly, it’s not as easy as I thought. There are some loose ends that need to be tidied up. Each of the main characters needs to arrive at the final scene in a plausible fashion with an clear set of (probably diametrically opposed) objectives. Anyone prominent whose story isn’t adequately rounded off will seem to have been left hanging.

Oh well. I have set myself the target of the end of May to finish this draft. Then I will have a break, windsurfing (I hope) in sunny climes and return re-invigorated to go back and fix some of the remaining gaps in the piece and, I hope, figure out how to tweak the offering in such a way as to attract an agent. This is my last attempt. If no one expresses an interest, I’ll look to Kindle and the like. “Publish and be damned!” I don’t want to be writing in this blog in six years time “Draft 29, Chapter 12 – Phew…this time someone’s gonna like it!” Enough is enough!

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