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A dying sport? I beg to differ!

It’s s source of fun for D, needling me that I’m doing an old man’s sport. “Windsurfing is dying out!” she proclaims. “All the young dudes are kitesurfing.” Well, that’s as may be but windsurfing is a long way from … Continue reading

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Home Alone : How many films?

I didn’t know this until just now but there are four Home Alone films and a fifth one (Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark (2012)) in the making! Well blow me down. I just checked because I had an … Continue reading

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A genius passes away – farewell Ray Bradbury

Farewell to Ray Bradbury who painted pictures in my head and gave wings to my imagination. You were an inspiration to me Ray.

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Flying fish show the way

On the last day of the holiday in Fuerteventura I was first out on the sea. As I sliced through the dark, deep water on the outside, a school of flying fish broke the surface around me and glided ahead, … Continue reading

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