A dying sport? I beg to differ!

It’s s source of fun for D, needling me that I’m doing an old man’s sport. “Windsurfing is dying out!” she proclaims. “All the young dudes are kitesurfing.”

Well, that’s as may be but windsurfing is a long way from dead. Young people are still learning and I saw plenty of evidence of that in Fuerteventura. Kitesurfing is only better than windsurfing if you value huge jumps, otherwise it’s just ‘different’.

It’s possible to find lots of gloomy comments on the web and more rational ones like this…


Anyway, I’m proud that my sister and my son are both windsurfers. My sister’s already pretty good from what I’ve seen and my son’s turning out to be an enthusiastic beginner and with only a small amount of encouragement on my part. We all had a good day down at the Westhamptnett lake the weekend before last. What will I do if my son decides to try kiteboarding? Why I’ll encourage him of course. With a bit of luck, he’ll try other sports too and take something special from each one. Variety is the spice of life after all.

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