50th year in orbit around the Sun

I’m just over halfway around my 50th journey around the Sun, albeit with the help of a large rock called ‘Earth’. It’s time I got back to recording some thoughts or they will be lost, “like tears in the rain.”

Things have happened since my last post; I have three teenage children now, the eldest is at university. A friend who I’d known since the age of six committed suicide, another friend has depression. I left full-time employment to go contracting. I’ve taken up running and made new friends. I published my second novel. In keeping with my original design, my posts will look to the positive because complaining is too easy and rarely does any good.

“I’m back!”

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3 Responses to 50th year in orbit around the Sun

  1. SusanW says:

    Good to see you’re back! I thought you’d just spent 4 years in Harry Potter Land or Azkaban or something…

  2. TinaCortina says:

    Yes, but “I’m back”, can be a realtive term. Hope all is well x

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